Forensic Audit

Overview of Forensic Audit

Forensic accounting is based on the practices of investigating a monetary matter, together with probably performing as a professional witness if the fraud involves a trial. Even though this text specializes in fraud investigations, we have to be aware that forensic accountants may also be asked to investigate non-fraud situations, like disputes over business closure or family disputes under insurance coverage.

The technique of forensic accounting, as defined above, consists of 'forensic investigation` itself, which refers back to the realistic steps that the forensic accountant takes to be capable of acquiring proof pertinent to the alleged fraudulent activity. The research is probably to be comparable in lots of methods to an audit of monetary information in which it will encompass a making plans stage, a duration when the proof is accumulated, an evaluation technique, and a document to the patron. The reason for the research, in the case of alleged fraud, might be to find out if fraud had taken place, to perceive the ones involved, to quantify the financial quantity of the defalcation (i.e., the economic loss suffered by the patron), and to provide the findings to the patron and probably to court.

Basically, such audit strategies are used to distinguish and collect proof to prove. For instance, how protracted the fraud has been exercised, the way it is executed, and hidden with the aid of using the perpetrators. It is also possible to collect evidence during court proceedings to deal with different issues that might be pertinent to the case.

Such troubles ought to include:

  • If there was connivance between several suspects during the fraud
  • Destroying evidence in an attempt to hide it.Indirect - Taxation
  • Any concrete evidence at the crime scene or contained in documents
  • Intent and possibility to commit embezzlement by the suspect
  • Statements made by the suspect during interrogation or upon arrest

Are You Sabotaging Your Company's Safety?

The 3 most common categories of frauds that accountants are required to investigate are:

  • Corruption – It involves bribery, conflict of interest and Extortion
  • Asset misappropriation – It includes cash theft, forged disbursements, misusing assets, and stock pilferage
  • Financial statement fraud – Intentionally misrepresenting accounting records, omitting transactions, misusing or peculation of financial recording standards.

How JACK & ASSOCIATES can be of assistance?

JACK & ASSOCIATES is associated with numerous brands that belong to different industry verticals. This makes us highly eligible for dealing with different genres of the working environment. Our experienced auditor performs a forensic examination in accordance with a specific procedure.

Here are the points that highlight how we conduct our forensic audit.

  • Strategizing the Investigation Process
  • Gathering all the evidence
  • Proper written report will be done
  • Court Proceedings


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