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When personnel works in multiple countries, there are cross-border counter connotations for your business and its employees. The planning and collaboration of domestic and foreign country duty laws can be gruelling and carry a significant fiscal threat. Our Global Employer Services experts advise you and your workers on duty and social security issues that come into play because of employee manoeuvrability.

Global Employer Services falls under 4 different categories, which include:

1.Expatriate Tax Services

These services cover all aspects of an assignment, including advising on global assignment programs, duty equalisation; Human Coffers support, similar as advising on remuneration and incitement plans; pre- departure/post-arrival comforting and extradition backing for workers; duty compliance services, similar as duty return medication, periodic duty equalisation computations; and so on.

2.Customised Payroll Solutions

These services include smart technology to help with taxation and immigration compliance for your business travels and urgent location prospects. Further, technology that facilitates real-time monitoring of workers traveling, the capability to produce indispensable reports, and managing all the compliance perils associated with international mobile manpower.

3.Business Traveller Management Services

This includes succoring with payroll compliance and planning on cost management, medication of shadow or split payrolls, setting up payroll systems in new locales and for new workers, administration on global payrolls, analysis on taxability of remuneration and benefits in each governance, so on and so forth.

4.Global Equity Services

These services are basically meant to optimize employee share plans involving advice on tax significance for both the employer and employee, creating, drafting, and executing such plans, payroll assistance, and filings, so on and so forth.

Will partnering with JACK & ASSOCIATES be beneficial?

In addition to having a comprehensive knowledge of expatriate tax risks and opportunities, JACK & ASSOCIATES have an extensive range of professionals whose assistance spans the entire range of taxes. Due to our strong relationships with diverse industry verticals, we have access to senior-level experts with extensive business and technical expertise.

Our prospect is to serve our clients with the concept of partner-led service instead of partner-directed service.


J A C K & ASSOCIATES is a Chartered Accountancy organization that has been servicing its clientele with the utmost loyalty and integrity for the past two decades and is still running strong.

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